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The Boolean Zoo is a wiki, with the intent that many people worldwide contribute to it. To help orderly operation, please review the following guidelines.

  • When possible, try to cite a well-phrased book rather than an early research paper.
  • It is best to learn how to use the wiki formatting, though if you don't feel comfortable with it, you should write as you will with the hope to clean it up in the future. The use of mathematical formulas is with the <math>f(x) = x^2 </math> environment. You can treat the available mathematical formatting as a large subset of Latex.
  • There are some well-agreed-upon properties of functions, such as "monotone" or "symmetric". These properties have their own category page, which can automatically link to function pages. All you have to do is include the proper category tag in the function page, like this: [[category:symmetric function]].

If this is your first time editing a wiki, you might want to read more in-depth guidelines, such as ones written for Wikipedia here and here.